EEF - European E-infrastructure Forum

EEF - European E-infrastructure Forum


The European e-Infrastructure Forum is a forum for the discussion of principles and practices to create synergies for distributed Infrastructures. The goal of the European e-Infrastructure Forum is the achievement of seamless interoperation of leading e-Infrastructures serving the European Research Area. The focus of the forum is the needs of the user communities that require services which can only be achieved by collaborating Infrastructures.

The added value of this forum is that by explaining, sharing and aligning their policies the members can learn from each other and improve the services they offer to their users. As a result, the users will be able to make use of the range of resources offered by Europe’s e-Infrastructures with the minimum of technical and administrative barriers. Each e-Infrastructure expects to be able to offer a broader range of facilities to users due to closer interaction of interoperable Infrastructures.

The objectives of the forum are to:

  • Share information within the group on status and direction of e-Infrastructures
  • Gather input and form common opinion on subjects that will impact the long-term goals, function and effectiveness of Europe’s e-Infrastructures
  • Present a common view on e-Infrastructures to peer groups elsewhere in the world
  • Provide input on the vision and model for Europe's e-Infrastructures
  • Be able to offer a clear added-value to key user communities by offering them access to Europe’s e-Infrastructures in a coordinated manner and help them devise computing models that make use of the European e-Infrastructures
  • Interact with emerging structures to transmit the experience gained from existing production Infrastructures and formulate common user requirements

The membership of the forum is limited to representatives of large-scale, multi-national, multi-disciplinary Infrastructures. New members of the forum will be invited to join subject to agreement by a majority of the existing members. The initial membership is drawn from the following Infrastructures:


The European e-Infrastructure Forum will communicate with identified audiences including user communities, funding agencies and policy groups as well as peer Infrastructures around the world. This Forum’s messages will convey the advantages, goals, structure, strategy and future direction of e-Infrastructures in Europe using a variety of media and communication channels.

Governance Structure and Meeting Frequency

The forum will operate by consensus and will meet approximately once per quarter. Meetings will be hosted by members on a rotating basis, preferably associated with other major events.

Relations to Other Bodies

The forum will keep close links with major European research user communities, funding agencies, standardization and policy bodies relevant for its mission. This forum will offer a way of interacting as a whole with user communities of a multi-national nature that are interested in making use of the Infrastructures.


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